The best review of Cordless Vacuum cleaner in 2020


When you see that the car is dirty, you want to clean the car, but you are troubled by the wires of the vacuum cleaner. When you want to clean all the corners of the house, you may be missing a socket in a corner of the house, or a corner is too dark With the demand for household vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuum cleaners have become the mainstream of vacuum cleaners today. It has won consumers’favor with its easy operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

1.  most of the wireless vacuum cleaners were developed for outdoor use because of the lack of outdoor power ,but now vacuum cleaners are basically two-in-one for car and home use, and the nozzle configuration is relatively complete, such as single nozzle, flat nozzle, and brush head. The small, rotating interface meets our daily needs and is very practical.
2. Easy to use.As mentioned earlier, the wireless vacuum cleaner uses a battery to store electricity,  so its design adopts a small design, looks simple and generous, easy to use, and adopts a key dust removal design, so garbage cleaning is very simple. Easy to collect and operate.
3.  The cordless vacuum cleaner is very suitable for cleaning some small corners .For example, some small corners are difficult to clean with a large suction head. Such a wireless vacuum cleaner is very convenient to make.

Here are 5 examples for top seller of Cordless Vacuum cleaner in 2020

1ORFELD Cordless Vacuum4 out of 5 starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
2LUYYF Cordless Vacuum4 out of 5 starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
3MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum4 out of 5 starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
4ORFELD Cordless Vacuum4 out of 5 starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
5Hoover BH50020PC4 out of 5 starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

The current cleaning market seems to be showing a trend: cleaning robots, cordless vacuum cleaners, and cord vacuum cleaners. Why do I recommend the purchase strategy of wireless vacuum cleaners here? From the overall development trend, wireless vacuum cleaners are showing an explosive growth trend, avoiding the embarrassment of sweeping robots that can only clean the ground, avoiding the cumbersome and inconvenient use of wired vacuum cleaners, the compact body, and the trouble of no power cord. Household cleaning has always been our life. One of the problems in, with the popularity of smart homes, traditional cleaning methods that are time-consuming and labor-intensive and lack cleanliness are gradually eliminated, replaced by efficient and convenient wireless vacuum cleaners. Compared with other vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuum cleaners are more suitable for most households. Can be better used with other cleaning equipment. So today we are going to talk about how to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner.
1. Durability. Since wireless vacuum cleaners get rid of the shackles of wires, their durability has become very important. After all, no one wants to absorb half of the electrical energy. Durability is closely related to the capacity of the battery. Ask customer service, the vacuum cleaner can run for a few minutes in the standard gear, and make a decision based on the size of the home, pay attention to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the battery to see if it is durable.
2. Suction power. Many people think that the suction power of a vacuum cleaner depends on the rated power and think that “the greater the rated power, the greater the suction power”. In fact, this intuitive judgment is not accurate. The rated power includes the energy consumed by the machine during operation, so The suction power is not strong. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner comes from the high-speed rotation of the motor. The instant vacuum is formed after the air in the vacuum cleaner is quickly discharged. Under the action of the external atmospheric pressure, the garbage and dust enter the vacuum cleaner through the airflow, and then filter through the filter system to complete the final Throughout the cleaning process, therefore, how much aerodynamic power can the engine produce? It determines the suction
3. Noise. A quieter vacuum cleaner can bring better experience and satisfaction to family members. The level of noise is also one of the factors that cannot be ignored. When the motor is running at high speed, the vacuum cleaner will make some noise. The noise of an ordinary vacuum cleaner is about 75 decibels, which is slightly louder than a normal person’s voice, which is equivalent to the noise of an electric shaver. According to the standard, the noise of a qualified vacuum cleaner should be less than 85 decibels, but the best way is to try it when you buy it. No, if you start fast, the chassis amplitude is small, and the noise is low, it means that the vacuum cleaner is of good quality and is worth buying.
4. Weight. When many people buy vacuum cleaners, they first study their suction power is not large enough. In fact, we forget a very important point-we buy vacuum cleaners to complete cleaning tasks more easily and efficiently, and improve the convenience of life. Compared with wired vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuum cleaners have the advantage of being “lightweight”. Long wires can be thrown away, saving more cleaning work, because most wireless vacuum cleaners are handheld or need to be pushed by hand, so the weight The use of vacuum cleaner basically falls on the hand, and the portable vacuum cleaner can effectively avoid hand soreness, so the “weight” of the cordless vacuum cleaner is our first consideration. The vacuum cleaner has gradually become a good helper in people’s daily life. With the emergence of demand, the types of vacuum cleaners have also become diversified. With its advantages such as simple operation, wireless vacuum cleaners have become a valuable cleaning tool in the vacuum cleaner field.

Let’s dive into the following five top cordlessum cleaners.

1.ORFELD Cordless Vacuum-for Hardwood Floor 


*Dust and Debris Goes Efficiently Directly Into the Easy to Empty Dust Cup

*Our Powerful 2200mah 6-cell Battery

*One charge is equivalent to twice the runtime time

*Up to 180° folding handle

*This is an excellent choice for a cost-effective machine,

In general, I really like to recommend this! It can clean dog hair and other things falling on my floor very well, saving a lot of time. Reasonable price! This vacuum cleaner is very light, effective, and very flexible. Buying this vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the car. You don’t need to connect the wire to the car, the vacuum cleaner will start working. The difference is that you can charge it at home or take it with you. Easy to carry, easy to charge and save a lot of space.

This will definitely become your favorite cordless vacuum cleaner, don’t worry about plugging and unplugging the power will waste your extra time. This vacuum cleaner has an affordable price. Now there is no need to worry about the wire problem, the appearance is good, the quality is very good! You can remove the main body and move it around, or remove the rollers from the vacuum cleaner, or fold the handle. In addition, the handle can be rotated to make it easier to enter smaller spaces.

Folding handles up to 180° help avoid bending. It can easily remove animal waste from the ground, and its suction can work on the floor and carpet, and it can clear the small debris that is almost invisible.
This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and simple to operate. Long battery life, strong suction, can twist and rotate, it is very easy to hold the phone with one hand. It can clean any place and all corners of the house, which is really amazing. The light in front of the sweeper is well lit and helps to clean in dark corners. .


-Pros- 1. It can be charged. Easy to carry and store.
2. The color is great and can be used for decoration


1.Not suitable for carpets and thick carpets. 2. Hand-held devices are difficult to disassemble and reconnect, and it is difficult to fold back to vacuum

2.LUYYF Cordless Vacuumfor Carpet, Hard Floor & Pet


*Upgrade Vertical Suction Tech

*Pro Max Filtration System

*Japan Super Long Lasting Battery

*Floor to Ceiling Versatile Attachment

*Cost-effective & 1 Year Warranty

If you are a loyal supporter of cordless vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner with a leading brand is definitely your first choice. Buying this vacuum cleaner is definitely worth it! You will be satisfied with the purchase. The wall bracket has slots for accessories, which is very good so that you don’t lose parts. If there is a child under five in the home, there will be a lot of garbage to be cleaned up in the living room and wherever he goes. With this cordless vacuum cleaner, you won’t worry about cleaning.
You will feel that everything is great when you buy this wireless vacuum. It is very lightweight and has strong suction power. There are standard modes and acceleration modes in the design. I believe you will. I also like this vacuum cleaner. You can also use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner in hard-to-reach areas such as cars and stairs. It is versatile and can be used on carpet, hardwood or laminate. After use, it can be installed on the wall inside the closet. It has a wall bracket, so it is convenient to store it.
I absolutely love this vacuum! ! ! There are two great accessories inside-one for crevices, one with brushes, charging cable, wall mount (with screws) and two additional filters. It has lights so that you can see clearly in dark corners. After using this vacuum cleaner, all kinds of pet hair on the floor! The dust accumulated in the house. The head is easy to clean. It does need to be charged for 4 hours before use. Set it up before cleaning. If it is a hard floor, the normal setting is sufficient. You can also set the turbo setting for the carpet. Cleaning is very simple. To be honest, the price of this vacuum cleaner is favorable. I believe you will recommend it to others after you use it.
This cordless vacuum cleaner is light and portable. It is also equipped with practical accessories and is easy to operate. It is suitable for carpets and hard floors. After cleaning, just remove it from the bracket and clean it. This is definitely a perfect cordless vacuum cleaner. The suction is strong enough to pick up dust and debris.
This cordless vacuum cleaner is a miniature vacuum cleaner used to clean sofas, cars or any small places that cannot be accessed by the vacuum cleaner. Very easy to put together, very easy to use and very compact. I really recommend this product. This product will not disappoint you in the slightest. It works quickly and efficiently, but the weight is very light, so it can easily manipulate the vacuum around the house. It performs well on carpet floors and picks up the smallest debris and dust/hair remaining on the ground. It comes with three different suction powers, you can suck them to the trash can, one vacuum cleaner can vacuum the floor (brush roller), and the other can suck ceiling corners or hard-to-reach places (crevice tool). , And finally a brush like a vacuum (dusting brush). It is easy to assemble without reading the instructions, it is very quiet when used, and it can vacuum against dog hair on the carpet and has a strong suction power. The retractable metal tube is a great help to the cleaner when cleaning the ceiling. The user-friendly design, you will absolutely love it! Brush tools can also be used on furniture, which has strong suction power and can pick up all the debris.

-Pros- 1.Quiet with headlights
2.The length of the long nozzle is adjustable
3.Strong suction power (two-stage option); dust can be removed
4.Long battery life after fully charged

-Cons- 1.It does not have a small electric nozzle, and it is not easy to clean pet hair on the sofa.
2.The wall mount cannot be connected to the charger
3.The way to empty the trash can on this container is not convenient
4.The handle is too heavy

3.MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum-for Home Hard Floor Carpet Car Pet


*Super Long-lasting Battery & Powerful Suction

*High-efficiency Cyclone + HEPA Filtration System

*Convenient Cordless Using + Widely Applicable Two Modes

*Lightweight Main Machine + Detachable Battery

Maybe vacuuming is your most annoying housework. But with this wireless vacuum cleaner, it is so simple. You only need to plug in the device and move the device to do all the work… you hardly need to do anything. This is the non-cumbersome vacuum cleaner that you have always liked, so come and try it.

With this vacuum, you can use a vacuum cleaner when you sleep at night, because it has enough light and low noise. This may be the best vacuum cleaner you have. It works out of the box and everything is well packaged. Brushes and crevice tools are very practical for anyone who works.
The noise is definitely much quieter than the vacuum cleaner you have used before. Normal volume conversations can be carried out at low power settings. When using high power settings, although the noise is large, it is still acceptable.
In general, this vacuum cleaner has great suction power even in low power mode, and can pick up paper, sand, fur, hair, dust, dirt and debris. High-power crevice tools can be used in hard-to-reach places
You will absolutely love it. I believe you will find it worthwhile to buy this wireless vacuum. Maybe you want something to clean up the dirt on the floor. Tile floors and low-pile carpets can be used. On ordinary carpets, it can remove dust and debris very well. The dust cup is great, you can put it on the trash and throw it away. Regarding battery life, after using it a few times, you will like its battery life. This vacuum cleaner is the light weight, compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, moderate power, and suction rod vacuum equipment that you have been looking for.

-Pros- 1 You can stay upright while charging.
2 It is easy to clean, easy to remove any blockage that may occur.
3 Lightweight, quiet, acceptable noise level
4 It comes with built-in lights (cooler than the functions available in invisible places).

-Cons- 1. The capacity of the trash can is very small,
2. Large cleanup projects may take longer
3 Don’t get wet. (According to the warning on the label, it is not moisture-proof)

4.ORFELD Cordless Vacuum-for Deep Clean Whole HouseKEY FEATURES


*Pro MAX Suction

*Pro MAX Runtime

*Pro MAX Lightweight

*Pro MAX Filter System

*Best Budget Vacuum

It is highly recommended to use this vacuum cleaner, it is more affordable than those well-known brands. The vacuum is small and the suction head is good. Especially if there are children in the house, the house is messy, it is very easy to turn and clean all the particles when you try to clean the floor.
It is easy to assemble, the parts can be easily disassembled and rinsed with water with just a few clicks, saving you a lot of time.
It is light and easy to use. You can easily clean the bottom and corners of the bed with one hand. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with an LED light so you can clearly see the hair and dust for easy cleaning.
When you want to clean the floor quickly, you can choose the turbocharger mode, which has greater suction and can clean the hair in the bathroom and bedroom in a short time, with low noise and completely acceptable. If the area is large and needs deep cleaning, you can choose the regular mode, which can clean most of the dirt and debris, and then wipe it. You definitely like this cleaning method.
I have to say, this design is very good, these two modes are very practical, you can choose the most suitable function in different situations, it also comes with a corner cleaning accessory, you can use it to clean the bed gap, coffee table gap and keyboard, These were difficult to clean up before
You will definitely feel value for money when you buy this wireless vacuum cleaner. I strongly recommend you to use this device. If you are considering which product to choose in this price range, then this product is one of the products you will not regret.
, Reasonable price and complete functions, the instructions are simple and easy to understand, and the charging speed is fast.
This vacuum cleaner is easy to assemble, can be used almost after opening the package, and is light in weight. It has a rechargeable base and a wall plug that can be easily charged, and it is very beautiful to install separately. The setup is very simple, with multiple different heads for different cleaning purposes, and can be used as a manual vacuum cleaner and a floor vacuum cleaner by removing the extension. The product is very cost-effective. The deep cleansing effect is particularly good. It takes up very little space and can be used as a manual vacuum cleaner and a full-size vacuum cleaner for maximum cleaning versatility.

This wireless vacuum is very light, really only a few pounds. If the home has a hard solid floor-when you clean the hard floor, you can remove the carpet brush, the effect is better! The carpet brush is easy to take out for cleaning, and all components of the dust collector, secondary filter and waste bucket are also easy to disassemble and clean.

You can try this cordless vacuum with complete peace of mind. It suits my needs very well. Compared with my old traditional vertical vacuum cleaner, it is easier to push and pull around the furniture and use it. It can quickly clean the specific area that needs to be cleaned, and then put it back in place faster and easier than an upright vacuum cleaner.

You will definitely be attracted by this vacuum, because it has no wires, has a small vacuum, is very light, and is easy to assemble. You can take it to any room, and the charging speed is very fast. Vacuum cleaners are ideal for quick and emergency cleaning, as well as cleaning large areas at low power settings. This vacuum cleaner is very flexible, with a small head, it can be squeezed into a narrow position, and it can be turned effortlessly. Lightweight and easy to use. You will love the rechargeable lamp on the vacuum cleaner. This lamp has 3 power levels that gradually decrease. The transparent collection cup is also very good for emptying and cleaning up easily.

In short you will love this vacuum. This is a lightweight but powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. The apparently compact power head can even clean cat hair on furniture, can be used to pick up dust and cat hair on stairs and hardwood floors, and can even clean up things I can’t see.

-Pros- 1. Lightweight and easy to operate, convenient to hold or carry.
2. The suction is surprisingly strong. It can clean well and pick up things on the floor, including tiles, wood and carpet floors.
3. The lamp is helpful for areas with insufficient light when cleaning.
4. The dust bucket is very easy to clean.
5. The battery charging speed is very fast and the battery life is long


1. The handle is too short, so you have to bend over a little, the vacuum is very heavy due to the battery, 2. It is best to have hose fittings. It is a bit difficult to clean the accessories manually because you have to move the entire vacuum system instead of just the hose. 3. The size of the jar is a bit small

5.Hoover BH50020PC Linx-For hardwood floors



*Multi floor cleaning

*Windtunnel technology

*Low profile design

If you are bothered by pet hair, this cordless vacuum cleaner will definitely leave a good impression on you. It is very suitable for picking up hair. With long-haired pets at home, it can easily pick up hair balls on carpets and wooden floors. It is quite easy to empty the container after cleaning. Very suitable for quick cleaning.
I do some research on this cordless vacuum cleaner. Didn’t disappoint. Easy to operate and light in weight. I can change it from the bare floor setting to the carpet setting with a flick of my finger. It is also easy to discard the container. The battery life is pretty good. I mainly test it on wooden floors, and it may last 30 minutes or more. The battery is charged quickly. It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge.
This mini vacuum cleaner! Excellent performance in cleaning up trash on wooden floors, which can effectively remove animal hair and anything. When using it, it will never spit out dirt or garbage like a poor-quality sweeper. You will definitely fall in love with it. Lightweight, ideal size for storage and excellent battery life. It can be used for carpet vacuuming as well as wooden surface. It can also be used for tiles and stone. good results
Surprising things for cleaning hardwood floors. It makes cleaning so fast, easy and fun! You absolutely love to use it. It makes you look forward to cleaning. It is easy to clean up stains, no matter when cleaning the house, or when dust and dust accumulate, it looks dirty. Finally keep the house clean and tidy. It is well designed to reach the edge of the floor without leaving debris in the corners. The light weight benefits, you can use it on sofas and chairs to clean up pet hair. Even in the vacuum mode on the carpet, the vacuuming effect is very good.


1. Fashionable appearance

2. Light weight, easy to operate and powerful suction

-Cons- 1. No hose (can’t reach into the edge of the object or close enough to the skirting board to get those annoying little garbage)
2. Cannot rotate and cannot enter narrow spaces
3. It needs to be charged before first use




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