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what is a commercial vacuum cleaner?Large and medium-sized commercial vacuum cleaners are commonly used cleaning equipment in public places. They are mainly used for the filtration and collection of solid and liquid waste on the ground or on the wall, and uniform treatment and cleaning, providing low-carbon and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for the commercial environment. How to use the least human, material and financial resources to solve hygiene and cleaning is the trend and need of the development of the times.


what’s the best commercial vacuum cleaner?

The purchase points of several commercial vacuum cleaners. Firstly, it is not that the higher the power, the better.. Now, when more and more commercial stores choose commercial vacuum cleaners, they choose low-power, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. Secondly, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, the noise level should be no more than 85 decibels. Thirdly, the bucket capacity of commercial vacuum cleaners should be around 30 liters to 60 liters. Fourth, the standard of the inlet seat diameter should be 35mm.

where to buy commercial vacuum cleaners?Please see the review of several commercial vacuum cleaners below

1.Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine-commercial vacuum cleaner for Carpet


You will find this one of the bestcommercial Vacuum cleaner in 2020 you have ever bought. If you happen to have the old machine stop working, then buy this new one. Not bad. If you do some research on it, you will find that you have to make the right decision, even if you spend a little more than budget on the carpet cleaning machine. But compared to its functions, you will be surprised

Although you will find some hairballs stuck on the rollers, they are very easy to remove and clean the rollers.

If you need a carpet cleaner and are willing to spend more money than the consumer unit of your local electronics store, then what I want to say is to pick up this thing now.
Maybe you have never really satisfied with the cleaning machine you have used, even if it can clean the floor perfectly, but if you accidentally leave a lot of dirty water in the carpet, this machine will appear to have insufficient suction.

You will be sad for the dirty carpet that is not easy to clean and the carpet cleaner with insufficient suction. Maybe you have considered replacing only the carpet. But the cost will be high!

Now that you get this machine, you will be pleasantly surprised by carpet washing. This product can exceed your expectations and you will enjoy using it. Maybe there are a lot of coffee stains on the ground, there are other liquids, maybe vomit. If you use detergent to clean, but it will not completely remove the stains.
With this cleaner, the stains disappeared, and it feels like magic. I feel that the carpet has never looked so good,
It looks and smells good.
Maybe you want a new mobile phone or a new TV. But the people in charge of cleaning definitely prefer this carpet cleaner, and you will find that this will be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

To be honest, this is an excellent product that exceeds expectations. On the carpet at home, regardless of the dog’s urine and stains for various reasons. The texture of the original carpet will be restored. Although the price seems to be a relatively large investment, you will find that this machine will recoup its cost. Please rest assured to buy this thing. Because this machine is an excellent product, it is an essential machine.

This stirrer is easy to set up and use, and you will be surprised that it works faster and works better than other machines. Your carpet will be professionally cleaned to help you remove years of stains. It can handle difficult stains.
You may not have thought that this ordinary machine, although small but powerful, can remove years of smog and dog hair stains on the carpet. It is really amazing. The carpet after cleaning is not only clean, but also no longer smells like cigarettes and pets.

After a few months, you will find that it saves your time. Even if there are multiple pets in the house. Use this machine to clean up vomit, which can be easily removed.

This cleaning machine relies on liquid, large agitator brush, gravity and vacuum to complete the cleaning work. The weight of the machine (very heavy) provides friction for the beating brush, which is behind the liquid distributor under the machine. Make the dispenser cleaner and run the beater again. This is followed by a second drying and vacuum sucks the dirty liquid from the carpet. You just need to roll the machine forward and the machine in the first pass, then turn it over and vacuum in the second pass.

First of all, this carpet cleaner is really great!

After cleaning the house. You are surprised that this can be used as a dryer after completion. This is the powerful function they have to clean the machine very simple. It is no longer necessary to remove the screws for cleaning. The machine is also very light, basically all plastic. As a person who makes a living by selling cleaning products and supplies, you will find this stirrer is great and well done, at a reasonable price

Waiting for you to do your research. You have compared other competing carpet cleaners. This will be your favorite because it extracts the same water when pushing and pulling. It feels a lot like a vacuum cleaner, try to make it once a month. You will find that the carpet looks almost brand new. You will enjoy owning this machine,

Even if your carpet is a light-colored dense pile carpet that is very difficult to clean. It gets dirty gradually, maybe you are considering replacing it, but it will be very expensive, don’t hesitate to invest in this machine. This Bissell Big Green machine is our hope. You will be surprised that the carpet will be restored to a brand new state. I saw it and thought it was a new carpet.

This machine will clean things that you don’t know are already in the carpet. It may be small hair, dust, etc., dark gray/black clumps. They end up in the dirty bucket and are poured out when you empty the bucket.

Finally, please pay attention to turn off the water tank on the machine and unplug the power plug, then lift the machine to check the roller brush. While rotating the drum by hand, insert a microfiber cloth under the drum. Used to remove accumulated dirt.

-Pros- * Easy to use!
* Very good cleaning effect
*Super suction
* Very suitable for animal hair
*Suitable for high traffic areas
*Hose accessories, suitable for cars, interior decoration, small areas, etc.
*The machine is easy to clean

-Cons- *expensive!
*A bit bulky, but you can use hose attachments

2. 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner-commercial vacuum cleaner for pet hair


To be honest, maybe you hesitated for various reasons when buying this machine. But you will like this steam cleaner, we need to find a cleaner to complete the cleaning work for us, especially in the house with a few pets, there will be many stains on the carpet.
The cost of cleaning staff is not low, this practical and easy-to-operate household equipment is your best choice.
I recommend that you pair it with soap and hot water for even better use. The carpet will be clean and soft, and super easy to clean.

If you have pet stains on the carpet in your bedroom. No pet stains after using this cleaner. Wow. I never thought that household products would be so good. The cost of Bissell is definitely less than the cost of a professional cleaner.
Although a bit heavy, it is not difficult to work or use. With it, you can stop using all other carpet cleaners, because no matter how expensive or beautiful they are, they have the same problem, and they must be cleaned after use. However, this design solves this problem. The ease of cleaning is surprising. The packaging is very good. In the product box, the machine is tightly packed, just like any cleaning machine or vacuum cleaner used at the time of purchase, without any accidents. Moreover, the packaging of this machine does not have a lot of foam, so it is truly environmentally friendly.
It is easy to assemble and can be snapped together easily, just need to install 1 cross head screw. You can refer to the manual and easily disassemble the front for cleaning.
It is very easy to clean. It has a flat design and can be placed under a bed or sofa. There is also a little accessory and hose in a separate bag. You only need to connect it to the machine during use, so that the volume can be reduced when using the host. If there is a stain in front of the machine, before the machine reaches the stain, you can step on the spot and spray hot cleaner onto the stain to help remove the stain.

Hand-held accessories can also make my sofa work quickly. Easy to install and easy to use. If you have ever used a household carpet cleaner, you will find that they are almost the same.

In short, you will be satisfied with your purchase and recommend the product to anyone. Just read the description

Only 1 Phillips screw is needed to fix the handle to the body, which is very easy to assemble. Very user friendly. Even if there are many pets in the house, this machine can clean up all the stains and the bad smells are gone. If you don’t want to change your pet’s carpet, buying this machine is a good choice. You must try it and you will be happy to do it yourself. This machine has good suction power and is very simple to set up. Very light and easy to manipulate. When stored, it will not take up more space than the average vacuum.

It is very easy to empty and refill the jar during use. When the jar is full and needs to be replaced, the buzzing sound from the cleaner will be slightly different, so even if you don’t pay attention to it, you can definitely hear the difference.
Overall, the cost of this machine is worth it.

-Pros- Easy to assemble.
Both water tanks can be removed.

-Cons- It’s heavy, but it does help keep the head down to attract better


commercial vacuum cleaner model v-smu-14

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