The best review for sweeping robot internal structure


Start with appearance

The underside of the structure details, detailed below


At the back of the outlet

There is a charge into the mouth, with 24 v power supply can direct charge

Background details
Front wheel and charging, charging is automatic home charging, and charging charging contact with the mouth

Two broom one, on the right side of, soft


Fluctuation position on the right side of the wheel, scalability, with the function of detection, sweep the floor up to the opportunity. The outage at work


Central vacuuming air inlet

The side at the bottom of the cliff sensors

The total power switch

Front bumper, moving parts, it is an infrared filter window, here are the rubber fender

The front part of your top 360 degrees of infrared receiving window

Top of the key area, integrates key, infrared receiver and status indicators


Open the hatch cover, black ash storage warehouse


With a handle, and put forward the ash storage warehouse, after the black part of the direct aspiration air inlet

Thick ash storage storehouse

Air inlet has a block slice, avoid ash layer, sundry fall into it

Gas filter mouth




The ash storage warehouse is open

All the parts

Continue to hurt the host
Battery compartments in the vacuum inlet, between the front wheel and remove the cover

14.4V NIMH rechargeable battery

Battery interface

The battery pack features



And rechargeable drill size


Remove the two brooms

Because of the direction of rotation is different,the brooms have left and right sides

Broom drive shaft

Disconnect the battery, broom after the host

Before disassembling host to open his front bumper article on file (file is used to limit the activities of the bumper location) remove the bumper article

To open chassis screws





The middle infrared receiver and the LED1 is green + orange light, LED2 is red light

Button is very ordinary, estimated PCB is universal

The rest of the key cap

The ash storage warehouse hatch hinge part

Cover is at the back of the fan


Pull down 5 screws, screw connection parts have rubber damping pad

Remove the fan module

Motor identification

Motor PCBA, it is insurance and capacitance




A ring seal and prevent air leakage

Motor line get squashed


Look at the chassis


Motor position sensor, which is a micro switch

Charging port connection(Please ignore the dust charging port connection)

The total power switch routes


Look at PCBA
Master: the 32-bit MCU based on ARM, models: STM32F07

This should be on the right side of motor drive circuit, two MOS tubes should be the left side of the bridge



On the left side of the driver

This part is charging power supply/part

Boards under no parts, see a lot of graphics, it is general circuit board


Infrared receiver PCBA 360 degrees

Receiving window

Infrared receiver

Receiving window optical components, the same as the charging seat

The inside of wear-resistant plastic bumper

Tap on a micro switch


Infrared to positive


The wheel component

Speed of the grating











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