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The Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner uses the high-speed centrifugal force formed by the rotation of the air in the dust collecting bucket to separate the dust and gas. The dust falls into the dust collecting bucket due to gravity, reducing clogging, and the horizontal suction force is durable and strong. The sucked dust is all stored in a plastic dust warehouse. When cleaning just pour out the dust and rinse the dust bin with water!

The cost of consumables is very low. If it is not used improperly, it is generally not necessary to change the filter element. It is used to replace the broom to clean up the garbage frequently. The cost is very advantageous.


1Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner4.4 out of 5starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
2Bissell Zing Canister4.4 out of 5starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
3BISSELL Cleanview Bagless4.4 out of 5starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
4BISSELL Cleanview Rewind4.4 out of 5starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
5Eureka Power Speed Turbo Spotlight 4.4 out of 5starsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

There are some tips for choosing this Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner
1. Suction,Because the “ordinary cyclone” vacuum cleaner cannot completely separate dust and air, the dust remaining in the air will eventually block the filter. Once the filter is blocked, it is equivalent to blocking the air passage inside the body, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is weakened, and the service life of the vacuum cleaner is greatly shortened. Therefore, the best cleaning effect is a bagless vacuum cleaner. Not only is the suction power strong, the variable speed cyclone vacuum cleaner can also prevent dust clogging and hair entanglement.

2. Anti-blocking function,A qualified bagless vacuum cleaner must be able to completely separate dust and air. The dust is directly carried into the dust bucket by the airflow, without the original paper filter in the middle, so that dust will not adhere to the filter and cause clogging, thus making the vacuum cleaner Can remain unblocked.
3. Easy to clean Pet hair, etc. are entangled on the filter element. It will not be cleaned by just washing with water. Use a brush and fingers together to clean it up. And the next time you vacuum, the filter element will become a terrible winding machine. A qualified bagless vacuum cleaner, its filter can reduce hair entanglement, and lightly wash it to become dry. The transparent dust collecting bucket has no filter element, so you only need to flush with water after the dust is poured, and it will become as clean as ever. The vacuum cleaner has long-lasting suction power, no clogging, no entanglement, and easy cleaning

1Bissell Zing Canister, Green Bagless –for  Carpets and Hard Floors


*Innovative Multi-Surface vacuum

*Lightweight and easy to maneuver

*2.5L dust container, no maintenance costs

*2-In-1 integrated crevice tool


You will be very happy to own this best  Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2020,

Beautiful appearance, full of modernity, blue is also a charming color. You can adjust the vacuum power with a handheld built-in suction regulator. In fact, the suction is really great.

The built-in wand brush and crevice tool are also easy to use.
You must be very satisfied with this vacuum. First of all, the suction is large. It’s like the brush attachment telescoping down on the connector part of the handle (it is easy to reach the window sill and dust). And suitable for hardwood floors, base boards. Lightweight, very suitable for cleaning pet hair



1.plenty of suction power 2. Ease of use 3. The built into the wand brush and crevice tool are great


1.attachment’s aren’t designed for practical use and the attachment’s don’t swivel. 2. Not suitable for carpets.3. It is not convenient to slide the suction adapter

2.Bissell Zing Canister- For hardwood floors


Key Features

*Dirt cup capacity 2 liter

*Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch

*Dirt cup filters and post motor filter help capture more fine dust and particles

*15 feet of cord for great cleaning reach and retracts

*Weighs less than eight pounds.


Reliable brand and cheap price are the highlights of this product. Whether your house is hardwood or carpeted bedrooms and stairs. Let me tell you, this vacuum cleaner will make you very satisfied.Not only is it light, it’s less than 10 pounds; I can pull it behind me, no problem.The suction power is so great that you can actually use this vacuum cleaner to clean your hairbrush.If you need to find a vacuum to clean corners, walls, windows, fans, etc., maybe your floor is mainly hard and there is too much hair in your home. .

Okay, when you use it, this suction power is good. The effect is amazing. It is suitable for floors and indoor/outdoor carpets. It can still work on thicker carpets. It’s just that you can’t move the handle back and forth like a normal vacuum on a thick carpet.

You will absolutely love this vacuum cleaner. The quality is reliable, even if you have used it for a year, it can still work as well as a new product. Super lightweight. Easy to clean. However, the inside of the filter needs to be thoroughly cleaned occasionally.The product can deal with crazy dog ​​hair and dead winter grass in the house.

 The length of the power cord is reasonably designed. An extension cord can be connected. This vacuum cleaner is light but strong. You will find yourself forgetting to hold it in your hand. The powerful suction power of this sweeper will surprise you. It can even soak up the fuzzy toy residue from a pet’s torn dry sheets. It can clean up corners, can go under the bed, or the sofa.

 Not only the price is cheaper, but the performance is also better than other products. If you have pets or children, and hardwood floors.. Buying it is a wise choice for you



1.Excellent suction power. Ideal for cleaning hard floors and crevices

2.Simple assembly, portable design, lightweight

3.The filter can be easily removed and cleaned



1.The hose is very thin and easily kinked.

2.The straw on the straw is not strong enough and sometimes it separates

3.BISSELL Cleanview Bagless-For cleaning up hair

Key Features

*OnePass technology with powerful suction and innovative brush

*Scatter free technology reduces scatter on hard floors

*On board storage keeps specialized tools including the turbobrush tool

*Powerful, multi cyclonic system for lasting suction

*Large capacity, easy empty dirt tank empties with the press of a button

*The combination of a 25 foot power cord, a 6 foot hose and a 13.5 inch cleaning path

*Power source type: Corded electric

I believe you will be satisfied with this “magic cleaning machine”. Easy to assemble; simple operation, light weight, compact structure and favorable price. Almost the best vacuum cleaner in the world.
The suction power of this vacuum is great! I 100% recommend that you choose this vacuum. The price is definitely worth it. Even if you haven’t vacuumed for a long time. This vacuum cleaner will also absorb all the old garbage. If you want to have a clean house, you must vacuum every day. If your house is mainly tile and wood, or there are some carpets and rugs in the bedroom. This vacuum cleaner is also effective for cleaning tiles and wood. It has super suction power and even cleans up things you don’t know there. The effect of cleaning dog hair is particularly good. The attachment works well.
And there is an accessory to clean the black sofa. If you have a pet in your house, needless to say, the room is full of hair, this vacuum cleaner will definitely satisfy you, even if your sofa has not been cleaned for a long time. This vacuum cleaner can remove all hairs in 20 minutes. Another surprise is that the hose is long enough because it has a hose extender! This is one of my purchases of this vacuum cleaner (long rope)
Another advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it is very light and handy. Using this vacuum cleaner, its cleaning ability even exceeds our previous vacuum cleaners. I like this little vacuum, it is really convenient to use.
If there are children at home, the product accessories can let you clean the bed in a short time. You can even use this accessory to clean (dry) food scattered on or under the table. If you find it difficult to push this kind of thing because the suction is too good, you can change the height of the floor to accommodate the carpet instead of a low floor like hardwood, which is better. I use this vacuum cleaner for operation and it works well.

If you feel that there is no place to put tools. Just put the wide end of the extender at the bottom to use a small platform.
When you accidentally sucked a large garbage, it was blocked. You can take the screwdriver and unscrew the hose from the vacuum to remove it. It will not break the vacuum at all.


1.Strong suction, light style
2.Quiet at work, although it is so powerful
3.Easy to assemble, easy to move
4.The jar empties easily

-Cons- 1. The rod and hose are a bit short, but there is an extension tube.
2. You must keep the vacuum with your other hand when you get the wand, otherwise it will fall.


4.BISSELL Cleanview Rewind -for cleaning up hair &hardwood floors

Key Features

*Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets

*Triple Action Brush Roll loosens

*Scatter-Free Technology reduces scatter on hard floors.

*Automatic Cord Rewind wraps the 25’ power cord for you

*Edge-to-edge cleaning provides a powerful clean all the way

*Large capacity, Easy Empty Dirt Tank empties

*Specialized pet tools including the Pet TurboEraser Tool,

If you choose this vacuum, after using it for a while, you will definitely be surprised by its cleaning effect. Even if the entire house is covered with animal hair, this machine will clean it all at once. The cleaning ability and price of this machine will leave a good impression on you.

You will be happy to buy this model of vacuum yourself! After a circle on the carpet, all the debris and garbage will be gone. Even if there is a shag carpet in the room that is difficult to clean, it is no problem to handle it, of course it needs more push to make it move. There is an accessory for a mini pet epilator, which is not only powerful in suction, but also very convenient to use. There is also a rotating brush that can clean furniture. You would definitely recommend this vacuum cleaner to others, because it is really a top-notch, powerful, low-cost choice. Very helpful for you

It’s super lightweight, and you’ll like its large tip. After a lap, the container was filled with animal hair and trash. It is an excellent choice to use it in carpeted areas. No matter where it is used, the suction is very strong.

The power button is very well designed. Even children and the elderly can easily use it! Buying such a top product at such a favorable price will definitely surprise you.

This vacuum is quick to assemble and very easy to use. The retractable cord is a convenient function. The vacuum cleaner frame is fast, smooth, and easy to operate. It is very easy to assemble and has strong applicability.

All in all, the powerful features of this vacuum cleaner are impressive

 To use accessories, simply pull the hose out of its connection and select the desired accessory to clean the chair/sofa, enter the corner, etc. There is a very nice clean interior, which has a rotating “beater”. Help remove dirt or pet hair. Emptying is easy-just press one button to clear the container, then press another button to open the container and dump the garbage into the trash can. There is one pedal to unlock the handle from the upright position, and the other (red) to open and close the handle. There is also a dial on the front to adjust the height. We like that it has a lever that can unlock the handle-in other vacuum environments, you have to keep the bottom in place with your feet, and then push the handle until it unlocks. All tools are great. The pet hair cleaner is very suitable for pet beds, sofas and furniture. Dust removal tools are very suitable for dust removal of lampshades, furniture and furniture and walls behind them. The crevice tool is perfect for cleaning hair from under the pillow of the dog bed and in the narrow space around the sofa under the cushion.

Overall, this kind of vacuum effect is very good, the design is reasonable, you will like the way to retract the rope at the push of a button. Strong dirt/carpet fiber collection capacity. Will become your favorite.


1.The suction power is good. Retractable line function. With suction indicator and washable filter

2.The low front allows access under the furniture.


1.When in use, the roller brush attachment will stop rotating.

2.The hair is wrapped around the cylinder and sometimes needs to be removed manually.

5.Eureka Power Speed Turbo Spotlight– for pet

Key Features

*LED Headlights

*All-floor Vacuuming

*XL Dust Cup

*Wide Operation Reach


This is a perfect vacuum cleaner with a reasonable price range. Even if you haven’t vacuumed for a while, after vacuuming it once, it will collect all the dust and you will be happy to find a cleaning machine that you are satisfied with. It is very light and has great suction power, and dust removal tools can be used to remove dust on the top of the furniture. Assembly couldn’t be easier. It only takes a few minutes.
You will find this bagless vacuum is really great, the suction power is amazing. Especially for animal hair, the effect is amazing. If you have a pet that is easy to shed hair and suck the carpet or floor, the dust cup will collect all the hair. In the middle, you can remove the rotating bristles and complete the operation. It is worth noting that you need to spend time cleaning the dust cup and filter. No, you will feel that everything is worth it.
Although it is not the most expensive, this bagless vacuum may be the best vacuum cleaner you have (even if you own some high-priced models). After using this vacuum cleaner to vacuum, you will be pleasantly surprised, because this small vacuum cleaner will accumulate a lot of dust. Even if your carpet is full of dirt, this cute machine can suck it up. Maybe your house is undergoing renovation and you will be troubled by cleaning up all kinds of floor waste. There may be concrete or carpets of various heights and thicknesses. For any floor condition, there are five different settings for this vacuum. You can change the settings of the carpet. Because of the light weight of the machine, you can change the settings manually without stopping vacuuming. The electric nozzle head is different from other vacuum cleaners in that it is lightweight and you can lift it up and place it easily with one hand. The adjustable gap tool is a perfect design. You can stretch the nozzle head to clean the corner of the ceiling, and you can easily clean the dirt into the garbage bag. You don’t have to deal with vacuum bags. The design of this air filter is perfect and easy to wash by hand. You will absolutely love this cleaning machine, it looks very light and powerful.
This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to clean if there are stairs up and down at home. If there are pets and children at home, hair and trash will make the home messy, then this vacuum cleaner will help you!
This empty design is very good, easy to manufacture and disassemble, if there is a trash (such as socks) on the hose, don’t panic, it’s easy to remove it. The wheel is not the easiest to push in, but once opened, it slides well. If you need to clean up after cleaning, it is super easy to dump, so you don’t have to touch the dirt. Unless you want deep cleansing.

-Pros- 1. Lightweight (only 10 pounds) and extra long cord (25′), with on/off switch on the foot, easy for you to clean
2. Equipped with LED lights, suitable for those who like to vacuum in the dark or enter the dark closet when cleaning
3. Modern appearance, good edge suction

-Cons- 1. The hose must be disconnected at the base instead of the handle to use accessories. There is no sound of the hose being stuck, and the hose will continue to loosen. 2.The length of the hose is insufficient.


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