The best review for backpack vacuum cleaners 2020


Backpack vacuum cleaners are especially suitable for use in narrow spaces between rows of seats in airplanes, luxury buses, high-speed railways, etc., or in places with special cleanliness requirements in hospitals and laboratories. It has a fast vacuuming speed, high efficiency, and convenient carrying. , Flexible and comfortable to use, can directly observe the dust accumulated in the vacuum cleaner, so as to deal with it in time to prevent pollution.

There are some tips for choosing this Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  1. The back plate must be securely and securely fixed to the big tube, with compact structure, few parts, small size, light weight and beautiful shape. The back plate is also fixed and cushioned at the top of the back plate. It is comfortable to work. The waist belt is connected with an adjustable-size hug. Place small tools and auxiliary spare parts with different functions. Suction heads are fully functional and easy to use and carry; the backpack device is best to be fixed in the groove on the upper edge of the big tube by using the arc-shaped slot on the back plate to fix the back plate. It is fixed in the screw holes of the two boss wire hooks of the base, and the arc plate on the back plate is embedded on the outer surface between the two boss wire hooks of the base.
  2. The cover should be transparent, so that you can see how much dust there is in order to deal with it in time to avoid re-contamination. The cover plate joint must be installed and used in a changeable direction. The operation is flexible and fast. The cover plate joint is installed with a connection that can rotate in all directions. The tube is connected to the dust collection tube and suction head through the connecting tube, so that the trouble of tube entanglement and thread entanglement should not occur.
  3. Whether it is made into a backpack-type vacuum cleaner, whether it is conveniently carried on the shoulder, it is labor-saving and easier to operate for a long time, and it is especially suitable for vacuuming in narrow spaces on airplanes, high-speed railway locomotives, luxury buses and other vehicles
  4. The power plug and part of the power cord are embedded and fixed on the wire support of the base and the sealing ring seat for easy operation, and the plug must not be easily pulled out, safe to use, and there will be no trouble of winding the wire.

what are the best backpack vacuum cleaners? where to buy backpack vacuum cleaners? how to use backpack vacuum cleaner? Please see several top seller of Cordless Vacuum cleaner in 2020, 

1ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum25 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
11 pounds
2Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack13.25 x 13.25 x 30 inches
9.2 pounds
3ProTeam Backpack Vacuums31.31 x 18.31 x 12 inches
9.6 pounds
4Prolux 2.0 Lightweight Corded Bagless Backpack21 x 20 x 20 inches 9 poundsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
5Powr-Flite BP6S Comfort Pro Backpack16 x 12 x 31 inches; 12 PoundsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
6Atrix - VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum 19.5 x 12.5 x 10 inches
12 pounds


1.ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuumc-backpack vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

This is a classic ProTeam brand product. The performance of this vacuum cleaner will never let you down. With this comfortable backpack, your arms and wrists will not be hurt even after hours of vacuuming. Even sitting on a chair, under a table and sofa, reaching the corner of the ceiling is not a problem at all. The bag is easy to change and the filter is easy to clean. Surprisingly, the extension cord provided by ProTeam works very well, and it is not prone to tangles and kinks. In short, you will absolutely like the quality of this product.
You will absolutely love this vacuum. Even if you work in a construction site, there is no problem at all, and you can effectively remove dust and sawdust. This will be your best purchase. The work site is kept clean at all times. Combined with the floor brush attachment, it will be easier to absorb debris on the floor, and it can also effectively remove dirt on the carpet.
This vacuum is absolutely perfect, whether it is suction, suitable for long-fiber carpets on hard floors, and office-type carpets. It is easy to carry, the cord is long and durable, it is an expert in cleaning, even if I only use a wand to drag an upright object and bend it during the whole process, it’s fine, and I don’t need to bend at all.


1. Quiet, simple design, light weight and can absorb all dust in the reach,
2. The belt is strong and durable, and the bag is reasonably priced.


1. A separate extension cord must be used. 2. When relocating, someone must hold the wire, otherwise the wire will be unplugged from the VAC.

2.Hoover Commercial Lightweight-backpack vacuum cleaners for home use

This cleaning is very simple; just dump the filter into the garbage can in the garage to avoid clutter. It is light, comfortable and can vacuum for a long time. The ingenious carbon canister design helps reduce weight,
This vacuum is multifunctional. There are many accessories, the length of the extension, and the way the head rotates. Using this vacuum can get an incredibly easy and thorough vacuuming experience. Vacuuming ceilings and vents is as easy as vacuuming hard floors. In particular, dust removal of dusty areas becomes very, very simple. The following areas can be effectively cleaned: blinds and fixed blinds, ventilation holes, certain lamps, above the cabinet, washing machine/dryer and its surroundings, etc.
This kind of vacuum will definitely change your perception of vacuum cleaners. This vacuum successfully turned 20 minutes of work into 2 minutes of work. It is undeniable that it is amazing to achieve the desired effect! Whether it is a commercial application or a home application, I believe this is the vacuum cleaner you are looking for. You can use it “outside” on porches, decks, garages, etc. It feels very convenient. It is recommended that you buy disposable bags to keep the cloth bags and filters clean.
It has great suction power, is easy to wear, easy to manipulate, and there is no need to worry about weight. It is so light that anyone can easily carry it. The brush can easily remove dirt from thick carpets. Even if you vacuum for 4-6 hours, your back is only a little tired, which will make your back feel good! You will be pleasantly surprised when you free your hands. The wire is super long, even if you clean a large commercial space, you generally only need to move the power once. The power cord is actually an orange extension cord, the handle is very long, has a powerful motor, and is of high quality. If used normally, it can still run well even after several years of use. It is very easy to use to vacuum our house. It is not only compact, but easy to install. It is also very comfortable to carry heavy objects. The belt needs to be tied to the waist to distribute the load correctly. Instead of hooking it to the shoulder like a normal backpack. This vacuum is not a wet vacuum. It is definitely not designed to absorb liquid, so it should definitely be avoided.

-Pros- 1.These vacuum cleaners are small and easy to use.
2.Amazing suction power (as long as you keep the reusable bag clean) light weight, strong and durable hose
3.They extend the line to reach the ideal length of the entire house.

-Cons- 1.Aluminum tubes are easy to bend at the top, causing them to not fit each other
2.When you suck sand, your back will be injured, not hurt, but annoying.
3.Reusable bags are expensive to replace, keeping clean and washing is the key.

3.ProTeam Backpack Vacuums-for hardwood floors

Key feature

*PRODUCTIVE – The extra-long 50-foot power cord


*Ideal commercial vacuum backpack



This ProTeam backpack vacuum is better than most vacuum cleaners. It is definitely a quality product. Its small size can be used at home or in a small area. The combination of extremely high-quality plastic and rubber materials and aluminum parts makes the equipment not only fashionable, but also effective. The backpack is well-made and comfortable to carry. It can be firmly fixed to the body, but it depends on the clean area. The adjustable handle makes cleaning more flexible, and the bag and filter part make you more satisfied. If you empty or replace the bag, you only need to open a few latches on the top. This vacuum cleaner comes with some great accessories for decoration, crevices and smaller areas.
This is definitely a powerful vacuum cleaner. The suction is very good, there is a long yellow power cord, it is thick and high quality. It has a good stress relief function, so it will not wear out. There is a very high-quality switch on the left side of the backpack, which is easy to reach when wearing the device. This product will definitely attract you at a reasonable price. It can be used to clean the multi-storey buildings of houses, apartments or hotels, or large churches. The backpack is designed reasonably. Your hand can operate the light handle at will, without having to unplug the hose and move the hose to every place you want to enter. Rooms.
For high ceilings and ceiling fans, this vacuum cleaner is also very effective, cleaning the fan blades and the lamp cover that comes with the fan. The extension allows you to access every blade and every lampshade, saving a lot of working time. It can also suck the ceiling, including the top of the door and frame, window sills, and blinds. Outdoor and terrace glass, so you have enough motivation to drive away dust and spiders.
All in all, you will love this vacuum cleaner for cleaning homes and offices. Reliable and well-made.

-Pros- 1. Very light when wearing them all day.
2 Great suction. Powerful enough to easily perform all the tasks we want to perform.
3 Well designed and very durable.
4. Multi-stage filtering is very flexible. 50 feet of wire.

-Cons- 1. The wand takes up a lot of space.
2.There is no storage space for the power cord.

4.Prolux 2.0 Lightweight Corded Bagless-for Commercial

Key feature

** a professional cleaner*





The suction power of this vacuum cleaner will definitely become one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners you have.
Bagless is another highlight of this vacuum cleaner, which is easy to empty. You can use it around the house, on hardwood, carpet and vinyl floors. It allows me to enter corners, crevices, under cabinets, all stairs, carpets and exposed floors without having to unplug the power cord and replace the socket. Switching accessories is also very convenient. The small brush roller fits the carpet on the sofa, and the length of the thread is perfect. Long enough to pick up well.


2.Hard floor adapters and pointed corner adapters are very practical.
3.Great suction. Emptying is simple.

-Cons- 1.The belt is rough and not suitable for vests.
2.The retractable rod is too tight.
3.The rope is long enough, but the winding point is too close

5.Powr-Flite BP6S Backpack Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is not only reasonably priced, but it can clean everything in a short time. This Powr Flite is really great. It can be used out of the box without any adjustments. Carpet tools and hardwood floor tools with fine brushes can be used. The effect is very good and the efficiency is very high. Just walk around the house instead of pushing and pulling this vacuum cleaner. The long cord is also a big advantage of this vacuum cleaner, which can cover the entire house without unplugging the power cord.

The seat belt is very comfortable. Vacuuming does require some adjustments, but I like it. The only complaint is that the bent steel pipe prevents the steel pipe from entering under items such as a bed or dressing table. The amount of rubbish debris cleaned up ranges from small particles (such as sand) to larger particles (such as spilled cat litter). The point is that this vacuum cleaner is very durable, applying pressure at will without slowing down.
In short, the vacuum strength looks very good. If you have it, there will be absolutely no problem with cleanup. You can also move from one room to another at will.

-Pros- The cord is long and the seat belt is very comfortable


1.The sternum belt will not be pulled up.
2. It is troublesome to store when not in use.


6.Atrix – VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum 

*Key feature






This vacuum is used to clean hard carpeted floors with very good results. Because it is hands-free, you can move the desk and chair at will. The accessory tool slot on the belt tie is mini, the design is very good, and the accessory is easy to replace. You can buy an extension cord so that you don’t change the socket and use it to clean a large area. The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is very strong, and the metal hose can be extended to fully reach the top of the curtain. You absolutely love this vacuum, it will become the best vacuum cleaner you have.
This backpack is very light and comfortable. Especially building cleaning work is fully qualified for this job. The suction is also great, and the filtration system is very good! It can also be used for personal house cleaning, the effect is not bad! If it is used for building cleaning, please stay away from debris such as nails and excess sawdust to ensure the life of the backpack. The accessories of this model look pretty good, equipped with rotating floor tools and general floor tools
Finally, you will love the cloth-like garbage collection bag. The inside of the vacuum cleaner seems to be well sealed to prevent dust from escaping and penetrating into the internal components. You will sigh the practicality of this vacuum cleaner! It is very suitable to use it to pick up fine dust during the final cleaning after decoration. The two floor brushes are easy to operate. The dust brush can handle all small areas well. Even if the dust bag is full of dust, the machine will still produce good suction. This surprised me. Moreover, the sound is really soft, even if it is close to your ears. Hearing protection devices can also be worn with tools. There is a small problem that the belt will loosen. This problem can be solved by permanent sewing. In short, this is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that can absorb fine dust.

-Pros- Product weight is very light
1.The suction power is very good, the actual HPA filter is hardly covered by dust
2.Extension sticks are easy to expand and retract

-Cons- -1. The power cord is very short and requires an extension cord.

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