The best Photocatalyst screen review 2020

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When you buy a new car, or when you are in a relatively small space, you may often smell a bad smell. Now let’s introduce a photocatalyst screen and the air-cleaner ,below are their respective functions.

As a photocatalyst screen,It doesn’t matter if you touch water. Photocatalyst for formaldehyde removal has harsh application conditions. Compared with zd, if light is needed, especially ultraviolet light, it forms a film and is coated on the surface of the substrate. Under the action of light, it produces strong catalytic degradation function: it can effectively degrade toxic and harmful gases in the air. Be careful not to destroy the formed film within one week after spraying, otherwise harmful gases such as formaldehyde will still be emitted and there will be secondary pollution. At ordinary times, pay attention to ventilation and drying, and do not spray in places without sunshine.
At present, light green pigment is an upgrade material of photocatalyst. Photocatalyst can fully play its role only with the participation of light, especially ultraviolet inner wires. Inadequate participation will cause secondary pollution due to residues. Light green pigment is extracted from plants and can be directly decomposed without illumination. It adds decomposition catalyst and penetrant, which can better penetrate and decompose formaldehyde pollution inside furniture plates, with a removal rate of 99%. It is a widely used in addition to formaldehyde material for decoration and management companies.

The photocatalyst screen function

1. :It can purify the air of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful organic substances that affect human health.

2. Sterilization function: It has sterilization effect on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and the like, and can decompose harmful compounds released from bacterial dead bodies while sterilizing.

3. Deodorization function: deodorization function for cigarette odor, toilet odor, garbage odor, animal odor, etc.

4. antifouling function: prevent oil pollution, dust, etc. It is also effective in preventing mold, water rust, yellow alkali and rust of toilet and fading of painted surface in bathroom.

The air-cleaner function:

1. Negative Ions-The negative ion air purifier generates a large amount of negative ions, provides vitamins in the air, regulates the human immune system, relieves fatigue, strengthens the body’s resistance and refreshes the environment; Negative ions with small particle size are called vitamins in the air and have good health care effect on human body.
2. Silver ion-has remarkable killing and inhibiting effects on various harmful bacteria in the air;
3. High-intensity UV-UV with strong aviation wavelength 254 is used to completely kill bacteria and viruses and activate the photocatalytic system.
4. Photocatalysis-decomposing bacterial endotoxin, killing bacteria, degrading formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases;
5. Ozone system-disinfects, disinfects, purifies, prevents diseases and infections, and removes peculiar smell at regular intervals and quickly.




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