irobot replacement parts

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Diligent, as long as you press her on the remote control, he will start working without complaint

She is smarter than other machines. For example, when I was about to hit the wall, when I was worried, she turned around.

As long as it is dusty, she will try to sweep it away. Even if it was stinking, she also climbed silently and served us silently.

Who is she?

Yes , she is the irobot roomba.

The following is about the replacement parts of the irobot rommba.

In the case of daily use, the filter is 3 months, brushed for 6 months, and brushed for about 1 year, depending on the wear and tear. The filter can’t be washed. It is good to clean the dust. If it turns dark gray, it needs to be replaced.

What is the role of the filter?

A: How do the inhaled dust stay in the garbage box? Because the airflow is in and out. Therefore, it is the filter that blocks the dust and only allows the gas to pass through. It has tiny pores that allow only gas molecules to pass through, while particles larger than 0.3 microns are intercepted. As the number of uses increases, it will gradually become blocked and become dark gray to be replaced.


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