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In the Chinese concept, sweeping the floor is a concept handed down through the ages, while vacuuming is an imported word. In 1901, the vacuum cleaner was invented, and 100 years later, the vacuum robot came out. The vacuum cleaner can absorb the fine dust powder which is not easy to sweep up by vacuum suction, while the vacuum cleaning robot further liberates the manpower and realizes the automatic movement of the machine.

The world’s first automatic vacuum cleaner is Electrolux’s trilobite launched in 2001, with a price of 10, 000 to 30, 000 yuan. In 2002, the American company iRobot launched Roomba, the best-selling vacuuming robot in the world so far. IRobot is a professional robot company, which applies the technologies of autonomous navigation and edge detection of military robots to automatic vacuum cleaners, hence the name vacuum cleaning robot.

Roomba is shaped like a “big moon cake”. You only need to press the “clean” button in the middle to clean the whole house. After cleaning, you can return and recharge automatically. Its cleaning secret comes from the cleaning system at the bottom of the robot. This is a three-stage American patent system. First of all, the edge brush cleans out the edge of the wall furniture, and the middle pair of brushes rotate in the opposite direction, working together like a broom and a dustpan to roll up the rubbish. The vacuum motor in the center of the garbage box strongly absorbs garbage and ground dust through vacuum suction. 

Don’t underestimate these brushes, they can adapt to hard floors, can also deal with short-haired carpets, can catch up with common rubbish, such as dust, hair, melon seed shells, extinguished cigarette butts, etc., if your coins roll into the bottom of the sofa, it will also help you find it. For office workers, start the vacuuming robot before going out, or make an appointment. When you work, it cleans diligently at home, and when you get home, you will be greeted by a clean floor.


Floor washing robot. 


If you think the dry sweep is not thorough, you still want to walk barefoot on the ground. Then, the floor washing robot Scooba can meet your needs. After Roomba, iRobot also launched the wet cleaning robot.

Think back to our usual steps of mopping the floor. First of all, fill a bucket of water, wet the mop, wring it out, mop the floor, rinse again, change the water to get wet, wring dry, mop the floor again, and so on.This is really a tired and dirty work. If you have no idea of losing weight by mopping the floor, and you have a large area of tile or marble floor, it is recommended that you try this floor-washing robot from iRobot. It uses clean water and sewage separation management system, always only sprays clean liquid to the floor, avoiding the malpractice of traditional mopping clean water and sewage mixed together.

A four-stage cleaning system is adopted. first, it absorbs fine dust from the ground (note that it can only absorb small fine dust and hair, and Roomab is needed for large garbage), then extract an appropriate amount of liquid from the clear water tank and spray it on the ground, then the main brush rotates at a high speed to scrub the ground, and finally, the dirty water is recovered to the sewage tank. The whole process is completed automatically. what the user needs to do is to fill the clear water tank in advance and empty the sewage tank afterwards. 

Unlike the traditional floor mop, it is very water-saving. It takes only 1 liter of water to clean 40 square meters. To people’s praise, the floor after it has been cleaned has become radiant, and it is very comfortable to walk barefoot

Ground scrubbing robot

There is a type of cleaning control that is used to kneeling on the ground and scrubbing the floor, which is of course cleaner and more delicate than using a mop, but it can cause soreness in the knees and waist when you come down in several rooms. At this time, Roborock’s new floor-scrubbing robot is a good choice. 

It imitates the artificial kneeling posture and carefully wipes the floor like a babysitter by installing a magnetic pad with a cleaning cloth. It uses advanced indoor GPS navigation system-Northstar (Polaris) technology to generate room maps, identify directions, mark obstacles and remember areas that have been traveled. It provides two cleaning modes: dry wipe and wet wipe for users to choose from. If there is no large rubbish at home, you can start the dry wipe mode (with a smooth white ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth) to remove the floating gray hair on the floor.In this mode, the robot first uses a bow-shaped route in the open space, and finally cleans the dead corner around the room. If there are more stains on the ground, you can inject water into the water storage pad and start the wet wipe mode (with a blue wet cleaning cloth with concave and convex stripes) for deep cleaning. In this mode, the robot imitates the manual mop action, wiping back and forth from left to right.



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