Best Lithium Ion battery and NI MH battery replacement for 2020


Lithium-Ion Battery and NI-MH battery Lithium-Ion Battery is suitable for use on mobile phones than NI-MH battery, but on sweeping robots, due to the large amount of current demand, power consumption is large, and this part of NI is output at high current. -MH battery has a bigger advantage.

Lithium-Ion Battery:

1.Tenergy 5200mAh Replacement Battery-for iRobot Roomba R3 500 600 700 800 Series


Lithium-Ion Battery Advantages: no memory effect, light weight disadvantage; high cost, low current, not overcharged (compared to nickel metal hydride) Lithium-Ion Battery has a Lithium-Ion (non-rechargeable) and secondary Lithium-Ion (rechargeable), secondary Lithium-Ion is divided into lithium-ion battery and Li-Polymer lithium polymer battery. General electrical appliances use secondary Lithium-Ion (rechargeable) compared to NI-MH batteries, which are lighter than NI-MH and have a 48% higher volumetric energy density. Because of this, the production and sales of lithium ion secondary batteries are gradually surpassing that of NI-MH. The battery has a small self-discharge and no memory effect, and the number of charge and discharge can be more than 600 times. Especially in recent years, the LI-POLYMER lithium polymer battery has been developed, and the volume is smaller, and it is not limited by the general battery shape. The weight is also lighter. Lithium-Ion is not able to withstand full charge. If it is inadvertent, there is a danger of explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to build a control IC to prevent overcharge, but the cost is also relatively high. The lithium battery is not uniform because of the specifications, so it will be discontinued. After the battery can not be bought, but now there are many manufacturers to overcome this problem, but also reduce inventory, the lithium battery unified. Lithium battery has a more difficult problem, which is environmental protection. Because lithium batteries contain toxic substances, all lithium batteries must be recycled and cannot be discarded.

NI-MH battery:

1.Powerextra 7.2V 4000mAh Battery-for Neato XV-11 XV-12 XV-14 XV-15 XV-21 XV-25, XV Essential, XV Signature and XV Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


NI-MH battery Advantages: low price, high versatility, high current, environmentally stable 9 compared with Lithium-Ion Battery) Disadvantages: heavy weight, short battery life, not overcharged (compared to Lithium-Ion Battery) NI The design of -MH battery is derived from nickel-cadmium battery, but there is great progress in improving the memory effect of nickel-cadmium battery. The main change is to replace the original cadmium used in the negative electrode with hydrogen storage alloy. Therefore, the current nickel-cadmium The battery has gradually been replaced by NI-MH battery. Into the home appliances more and more use NI-MH battery, battery manufacturers are also optimistic about this market, have introduced high-capacity NI-MH battery, NI-MH battery technology is fast, the capacity is also growing, the use of lithium The battery is similar, the charger is getting better and better, and the charging time is greatly shortened.

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